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ECCO Gulf W.L.L is a specialized Business Process Outsourcing and Customer Service company, 51% of it’s shares owned by Aamal Company Q.P.S.C and Subsidiary from the Global Group Majorel. We design, build and deliver a world class end to end CX for a top Notch digital and vertical leading Businesses. Our Market experience comes with a deep expertise in Tech-augmented front to back office customer service, CX Consultancy, Digital Consumer Engagement and an innovative suite of Proprietary Digital Solutions tailored based on the Customer’s needs. ECCO GULF is a distinguished Organization built on simplicity and trust with a unique form of drive; We are relentless, resourceful, resilient, agile, vigorous and attentive. In ECCO Gulf, we consider our employees the Backbone of the company, our employee selection is based upon passionate, net worthy and proficient people who leads the company towards achieving its mission and generate a dynamic working environment. With years of success in the industry, we in ECCO Gulf perceive that meeting our client’s requirements is vital to the success of our organization and Throughout the years of experience in the market, it was clearly visible that we have intensively delivered our elite performance emphasizing on customer contentment.

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Diversity & inclusion

Majorel’s incredible diversity is part of our DNA.

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Environment & Local Communities

All businesses have an impact on the environment.

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Employee rights & Fair Working Conditions

Respecting and ensuring the rights of our employees.

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Wellbeing & Resiliency

We have a responsibility towards our people.


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Thomas Mackenbrock

Chief Executive Officer

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Amr Abou El Seoud


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Ehab Abdel Galil

Managing Director

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Mohamed Essam

Operations Director

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Nermine Tannoury

BD & Marketing Director

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Noha El Najjar

QA & Training Manager

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Effat Toson

HR Manager